School budgets up for approval

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By Chad Engbrock and Nancy Whitney

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Both the Plano ISD and Wylie ISD school budgets are scheduled for approval next month.

Plano’s budget is set for a public hearing at 7 p.m. Tuesday, June 2 at the Plano ISD Administrative Board Room. Wylie’s is to be held on June 15.

The PISD budget is proposed to increase from last year’s budgeted revenue by 7.33 percent or $36,926,206. Revenue for the General Fund Total was budgeted at $503,478,467 for the 2014-’15 fiscal year and for the coming year, 2015-’16, it is proposed at $540,404.673.

To get to this proposed revenue, the district would reduce the total tax rate by a little over a half of a percentage point to $1.440 per hundred valuation. This represents a combination of $1.170 for maintenance and operations and $0.270 for interest and sinking fund (debt).

Last year’s tax rate was $1.448, $1.170 for maintenance and operations and $0.278 for the interest and sinking fund.

Preliminary estimates from the Collin Central Appraisal District show property valuations within PISD increasing by 8.10 percent from 2014 to 2015.

Total General Fund expenses, or appropriations, excluding transfers, are budgeted at $529,480,106 for fiscal year 2015-’16. This is an increase of $46,049,290, or 9.53 percent, over last year’s budgeted appropriations of $483,430,816.

The majority of the district’s expenses are related to instruction, specifically teacher’s salaries. Total instruction costs for the coming fiscal year are budgeted at $290,053,216, $10,095,367 or 3.61 percent over last year’s budget of $279,957,849.

Plano ISD is proposing a total of 41 new positions in the district. This includes 21.5 positions at elementary campuses and 19.5 positions at secondary schools. Additionally, the district will add nine counselors and 14 support positions.

Taking into account additional expenditures of $15,922,349 for transfer out accounts, the ending fund balance is expected to decrease from $154,251,239 at June 30, 2015 to $149,253,457 at June 30, 2016.

The board of trustees did vote to increase teacher’s salaries during their May 19 regular meeting.

The midpoint increase of 3.0 percent added about $1,610 to teachers with bachelor’s degrees and $1,668 to teachers with master’s degrees. Starting salaries for teachers with no experience will change from $48,500 per year to $50,000. Teachers holding master’s degrees with no experience can expect a starting salary of $52,000 per year, up from $50,500 before the increase.

The new employee compensation package also includes a $500 midyear supplement for each full-time employee based on criteria set during the current fiscal year, 2014-’15.

The district estimated the salary increase would cost the district $9,930,165 and the midyear supplement would cost $3,336,500 per year.

Currently starting salaries for Allen ISD first year teachers are $47,500, Frisco is $47,500 and McKinney is $47,650 according to information supplied by Plano ISD.

Wylie ISD

Budgeted revenue for Wylie ISD for 2015-’16 is $111,557,013 up from $106,993,088 in 2014-‘15. Of the 2015-’16 budgeted revenues, $47.5 million will be generated from property taxes and $57 million from state aid. The remaining is funded through the Texas Retirement System, local sources, and deferral revenues.

Expenditures for 2015-’16 are projected at $111,557,013, with payroll consuming the majority of expenditures at $89,790,171, TRS on-behalf at $4,928,180, contracted services at $7,271,581. The remaining amount includes costs for supplies and materials, miscellaneous operating expenses, debt service and capital outlay.

Wylie ISD, much like last year, has conservatively set their property value increase to 7 percent, allowing for a rise of $2,478,418 in revenues.

The total number of students is estimated to rise by 268 for a total of 14,307 students. A 3 percent midpoint increase will be given to all employees and 14 new teaching positions will be added. There will be no tax rate increase or decrease, numbers are expected to remain at $1.17 M&O and $.47 I&S. Additionally, a $500 stipend will be given pending property values are above 7 percent and/or enrollment above 14,307.

Base salaries for employees with no experience is increasing from $48,283 last year to $49,958 for 2015-’16.

Meal prices will see a change of 2 to 3 percent. At elementary and intermediate schools, the price will rise from $2.30 to $2.40. Junior high and high school prices will remain the same at $2.50 and $2.75 respectively.

Those interested in learning more about the 2015-’16 budget can attend the June 15 school board meeting where a budget hearing will be presented to approve the budget.

School board officials will adopt the tax rate during the August 17 regularly scheduled meeting.



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