Sword play opens up Robin Hood production

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Swords will slice through the air and laughter will abound as the cast of “Robin Hood and His Merry Friends,” presented by Wylie Acting Group for Children, prepare for their upcoming production.

The play, based on English folklore legend Robin Hood, written by Nancy Whitney, focuses on the story of Robin Hoods son Rob and Little Johns son Small John. The duo battle against the evil Sheriff, his son Gibbs and Prince John, keeping Nottingham safe in their parent’s absence.

Directors are Alan Smith and Nancy Whitney with Lindsey Barnes directing a choreographed fight scene.

“I am so grateful to have the opportunity to co-direct such a fun story,” Smith said. “Here we have a story which allows us an opportunity to provide roles for a wide age range, from 5 to 15 years old. I enjoy watching the more experienced kids helping those newer members regardless of age.” 

Smith said one of his favorite scenes is the Granny’s robbery, a scene where Rob and Small John dress in women’s clothing to trick the Sheriff. He is sure audiences will enjoy it as well.

“This is a dedicated, fun loving group of children,” Smith said. “I hope to have another opportunity to direct them someday.”

Performances will be held at WAG’s new facility located at 205 Suite 200B Industrial Ct. Wylie at 7 p.m. May 21, 22 and 23 with a matinee performance at 2 p.m. May 23. Tickets go on sale May 4. Presale tickets are $9 adults and $7 children and can be purchased at wagforchildren.org. At the door tickets prices are $10 adults and $8 children.

The cast includes Alex Lohmar (King Richard); Allison McDermott (Guard Gabby); Andrew Smith (Little John); Aubrey Delaney (Patina); Bella Masters (Louisa); Cade Sturgeon (Rob); Charlie Burkart (David); Colton Smith (Small John); Elianna Bagdasarian (Army); Jessica Holloway (Peasant Christina/Army); Ella Barton (Guard Gabby); Evan Smith (Gibbs); Faith JoyAnna Sproull (Maid Melly); Grayson Lesley-Milburn (Smith); Heather Wiggins (Fiona Flautist); Ian Harris (Peasant Paul); Isadora Jenkins (Army); Jackson Draper (Army); Jaden Lesley-Milburn (Prince John/Army); James Taylor (Pastor Thomas); Kaelyn Denney (Eliza); Kaitlyn Murphy (Guard Gwen); Lena Carter (Peasant Patrice); Liam Schnell (Peasant Edward); Maggie Metcalfe (Sophie); Matthew Cox (Sheriff); Elizabeth Morgan (Henry); Olivia Taylor (Jocelina); Paige Smith (Maid Marion); Rebecca Carter (Guard Grace); Robert Fredrichsen (Army); Sammy Flanagan (Freddy); Samuel Snell (Robin Hood); Sydney Campbell (Margarite); Veronica McDermott (May); Victoria Holman (Shelby) and Will Wygant (Army).

Crew includes Chloe Barnes, Jaron Harbison, Madison Harbison, Savannah Harbison, Lindsay Brandow, Emily Dowden, Sam Burkart and Rachel Smith with Destiny Whitney technical/lights.


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