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Program will provide a hand up, not hand out

By Sonia Duggan

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First Baptist Church in Wylie is taking a proactive step toward helping those who are unemployed or underemployed in the area. The church has been authorized to teach a 16-session class called Jobs for Life starting May 31 in Wylie. The class will be held Sunday and Wednesday nights from 7-9 p.m. for eight weeks.

The purpose of the class is to teach potential job seekers character qualities from a biblical perspective said Jerry Hoagland. “The class is open to anyone looking to find a job or a better job,” he said.

The Jobs for Life program encourages churches to “flip the list” by lending a hand to individuals to change their situations instead of just giving handouts. Hoagland said food is always placed at the top of the list with employment falling at the bottom. Once the list is flipped, it places employment at the top of the list, eventually breaking the cycle of poverty.

The class is limited to eight to ten students, with plans not to exceed 12 so they can give each student the attention they need.

“We pair a mentor with a student to help them and make sure they are doing their homework,” Hoagland said.

The mentors are area business people and community members. They will also have potential employers come to the class and talk about jobs and how to interview and tell students what they are looking for. Though there is no guarantee of employment, Hoagland said class attendees will be well equipped once finished and they will make a good employee for someone.

There will be a student pre-meeting May 24 for those who sign up. The class will be held in the Woodbridge Crossing Shopping Center. For more information call Hoagland at 214-289-4791 or email [email protected]


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